25 November 2010

My stance.

To me, the ethical debate revolving around whether or not it is "right" to consume animal products is irrelevant, because that means acknowledging in some context that animals are already considered more than just machines or items of production.  That debate can only come about when CAFOs are nonexistent. The issue today regarding animals and food is that regardless of whether or not one believes animals deserve to be consumed, animals ought not be subjected to cruelty.  Michael Pollan makes the claim that it comes down to "being a vegetarian or not being a vegetarian" based on what animals are for; Peter Singer claims that regardless of one's views, there are no strong moral arguments that condone the current system of production.

I would  add onto these arguments by stating that the exclusion of animal products from one's lifestyle does not necessarily impart a belief that animals need "equal rights."  It is merely taking action against a structure or operation that we know exploits humans, destroys the environment, and systematically tortures sentient beings.

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